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Sixth Form Expectations

There is now a requirement for all students to remain in education beyond Year 11. Those students wishing to continue their education as a member of Cedars Sixth Form will be expected to act and work positively.  We are very proud of our sixth form and want you to be proud of belonging to it.  Our aim is to make sure that you make the most of the opportunities available in order to leave with achievements that are your personal best.  Consequently, there are certain requirements that we expect from you.

  • Remember that you are part of a wider school community – contribute to the best of your abilities to the life of the school.   
  • Show respect for the environment in which you work. 
  • Respect others – treat all other students equally.  Racist, sexist or homophobic language/incidents will not be tolerated.   
  • Act positively and always give your best.   
  • Follow the dress code.   
  • Organise your time effectively and constructively.    
  • Make sure that your attendance and punctuality are exemplary. 
  • Take responsibility for your own learning.  If you know that things are not working out, do not ignore them.  Use the help available to you.

    Students who cannot accept the self-discipline of being a sixth form student, and who do not show the responsibility necessary to make effective use of their study opportunities in an adult environment, will be seen individually and where appropriate the following sanctions will come into effect:
  • A formal verbal/written warning with a note kept on file.  
  • Detention.   
  • Contact with home.   
  • Placed on School Contract.   
  • Removal of Home Study, once allocated in the second half of the autumn term.  
  • Exclusion (either fixed term or permanent), although this is not usually expected at this level of study.  
    We believe that all of these are appropriate expectations of students we want to succeed in the sixth form.  They are not meant to be a negative set of ‘rules’ but a supportive framework in which you can do your best and work towards a happy and successful future.
    We track students’ progress carefully against target grades.  Where students are not performing to their full potential we will intervene and support them to improve. Each year we also allocate mentors to students whom we feel need just a little extra support to ensure a successful sixth form experience.
    Essential Information for Sixth Form Students:
    By choosing to come to the Cedars Sixth Form, you have laid a good foundation for a successful career.  We will do everything we can to help maximize your potential, but we cannot do this without you trying your best all of the time.  Please read the information below very carefully and do your best to put the advice into action from day one of your sixth form career.
    Develop an effective work pattern:
    To be successful requires balancing your time carefully.  Many sixth formers have part-time jobs; many are involved in clubs or societies both inside and outside of school, as well as other social activities with friends.  These are all to be encouraged, but it is essential that you get the balance right.  Too much time on these activities will hinder your studies, and the short-term gain (especially from part-time jobs) will not offset the long-term loss of poor sixth form achievement. So you must:
  • Attend all lessons, supervised study and enrichment, unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
  • Be on time for registration (all lates and absences will be recorded, because references require a comment on punctuality).
  • Complete all work set and hand it in on time.
  • Make time out of lessons to do all necessary work (a minimum at home of 5 hours per week per subject)
  • Not take on too much part-time employment (a maximum of 10 hours a week).

    In addition to set homework, you must use extra time to: 
  • Re-read notes. 
  • Review and revise previous work on a regular basis. 
  • Read around topics covered by using given textbooks and other materials from the Library. 
  • Do extra work or re-do past questions if you are having difficulties.

    If in doubt, ask your teachers for guidance.  Use a timetable for out-of-school time, as well as in school.  The sixth form diary has such timetables, and during study skills sessions we will focus upon: time management, improving organisational skills, setting priorities and revision techniques, as well as support for future careers planning and preparation for work experience.
     Timetabled lessons, supervised study periods, tutor time and assemblies are compulsory. 
  • Arrange driving lessons, dentists’ and doctors’ appointments etc. outside of lesson time. 
  • Do not take holidays during term time. 
  • Try to arrange university visits during half terms and do not make too many (maximum of three). 
  • If you are unavoidably absent, please telephone your House office before 08.30 am on the first day of absence AND bring a note from home on the first day back.
    It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date and catch up on missed work.  In cases where a student has an attendance record at lessons of below 90% he/she may be expected to pay for his/her own examination entries.  Our full examination entry policy can be viewed on the school website.
    We aim to provide a good working environment within the school.  To do this, the Sixth Form Centre has a large study room and there are also good library facilities.  We want this environment to encourage you to work, since ultimately this is the only way to succeed.  Smoking, tobacco, alcohol and other non-prescribed drugs are not allowed in school, on the school site, or on the way to/from school.  Also chewing gum is not permitted anywhere in school.  Mobile phones may be used in the Atrium but not around the school site nor in the Library.  
    We have recently implemented a wifi for the use of sixth form students.