"Good for outcomes, Good for teaching, learning and assessment, Good for personal development, behaviour and welfare, Good for 6th form, Good for leadership and management - Ofsted 2017"

Cedars Upper School

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Admission Arrangements 2020
Appraisal procedure for support staff
Appraisal procedure for teaching staff

Allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff Policy
Anti Radicalisation Policy 
Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Behaviour Management Policy
BTEC Appeals and Complaints Policy
BTEC Assessment policy
BTEC Internal Verification policy
BTEC Malpractice Policy
BTEC Registration & Certification Policy
Careers, Education and Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy 
Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct - Staff
Complaints Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Data Protection Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Drug Policy
Equality Policy
E-Safety Policy
Exam Entry Policy
Feedback and Marking Policy
Fraud Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Grievance Policy
Guidance for safer working practices
Health and Safety Policy
Health and Wellbeing Policy
Home School Partnership 
Intimate Care Policy
Insurance Certificate (if you want further details about this policy please contact finance@cedarsupper.org.uk)

Lettings Policy
Literacy Policy
Minibus Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Pay Policy
Premises Management Policy
Promoting British Values
Policy and Procedure on Handling Redundancy
Risk Management Policy and Strategy
School Closure
SEND Policy
Sex and Relationships Education Policy

SMSC Policy
Staff Bullying and Harassment Policy
Staff Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Staff Internet and Email Acceptable Use

Staff sickness absence procedure for schools
Staff Social Media Policy
Supporting Pupils At School With Medical Conditions Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Travel Plan
Trips and Visits Policy
Visiting Speaker Policy
Volunteering in schools Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Zurich School Journey Policy