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Cedars Upper

Life in Sixth Form

There is now a requirement for all students to remain in education beyond Year 11. Those students wishing to continue their education at Cedars Sixth Form will be expected to act and work in a positive manner.

We are very proud of our sixth form and we expect students to be proud of it also. Our aim is to make sure that students make the most of the opportunities that we provide, so they can be as successful as possible. Consequently, there are certain requirements that we expect students to follow:

  • Positively engage with and contribute to the life of the school
  • Act positively and always try your best
  • Follow the dress code
  • Organise and manage your time effectively and constructively
  • Maintain a good attendance and punctuality record
  • Take a mature and responsible attitude to your education



Students are expected to be in school from 8.40am to 3.15pm. Timetabled lessons, supervised study periods, tutor time and assemblies are all compulsory.

While in school, students have the luxury of using a multitude of different working spaces: large spaces such as the atrium or library, as well as smaller rooms and classrooms. Some spaces are designed for silent working, whereas others encourage group work. Therefore, all students should be able to find appropriate working spaces that best suit their working styles. 

The Sixth form staff may issue home study to students throughout the year, if we feel this is appropriate. Data from attendance, attitude to learning and academic progress will be looked at while considering home study. 

Parents should inform school on the day of a child’s absence by emailing: attendance@cedarsupper.co.uk  

For any planned leave of absence, students can collect a green form from the Sixth Form Office to complete.

Where possible, students are encouraged to arrange driving lessons, dentists and doctors appointments etc. so as they do not impact lesson attendance. Students are not authorised to take holidays during term time.

It is your responsibility for students to keep up-to-date with their work and catch up on any work they may miss.  In cases where a student has an attendance record at lessons of below 90% he/she may be expected to pay for his/her own examination entries.  Our full examination entry policy can be viewed on the school website.


Student Monitoring

We track students' progress carefully through their time in sixth form. Where students are not performing to their full potential, we will intervene and support them to improve. Each year we also allocate mentors to students whom we feel need just a little extra support to ensure a successful sixth form experience.


Working Habits

All students will receive prescribed homework from their teachers. In addition to set homework, students are also expected to use their study periods to complete the following:

  • Re-read notes
  • Review and revise previous work on a regular basis
  • Use textbooks and library resources aid understanding
  • Complete past paper questions under timed conditions
  • Use the super curriculum website to complete extra work

It is important that students take responsibility for their own learning in sixth form. However, if students feel that they require additional support, either academically or with softer skills, we encourage them to speak to their teachers, their tutors or someone from the Sixth Form Team.


Work / Life Balance

Students are encouraged to balance their time carefully. Many sixth formers have part-time jobs and many are involved in clubs or societies - both inside and outside of school. As well as this, many students engage in social activities with friends. We encourage all of these activities, while also making sure that students spend an appropriate amount of time on their studies. Getting the balance right is essential.  Students should recognise that short-term gains will not offset the long-term loss of poor sixth form achievement.

We believe student wellbeing is vital, therefore we have a dedicated pastoral lead for the sixth form, with responsibility for attendance and welfare. Mrs Hemming is based in the sixth form office and is available at all times to help students, whatever their need. We also have a sixth form wellbeing room, which offers a quiet, private space for sharing worries.  


Dress Code

We believe that Sixth Form is an important time in a person’s life, for them to express themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. As a result, we do not have a strict dress code; instead, we ask students to wear what they feel comfortable in, as long as they adhere to these guidelines:

  • Students should look smart - no rips or holes in clothing
  • Non religious headwear should be removed, while in the school building
  • Sportswear, such as jogging bottoms and football shirts, should only be worn while partaking in sporting activities
  • Clothing should cover the chest, midriff and upper thighs
  • Footwear should be appropriate for the school and learning community 


Financial Support

The 16-19 Bursary Fund supports students to stay in full-time education if they are a young carer, disabled or are they/their families are in receipt of financial aid. Please find the application form and additional information about this scheme below. Or, if you have any further questions, please contact Mrs Jones in the sixth form office.

Additional information available here

Application form available here

The Old Cedarians Trust, set up in 1951, is able to make small grants to Cedars students about to enter Higher Education, taking into account special circumstances as well as academic achievement.

When you receive your results and have a firm offer you intend to take up, please download and complete the form available on this page and return it to Mrs Jones in the sixth form office by 6th September 2024.

Application form- click here

The Connolly Foundation Award is a merit-based scheme awarded to students for academic excellence and commitment. The Connolly Foundation will give students a monetary reward - up to £1000 - based on students receiving A level passes in two core academic subjects at grade A*, A and B, as well as in their additional A level or Distinction or Distinction* in BTEC subjects.

Students who wish to apply for this should contact Mrs Jones in the sixth form office to get an application form.

01525 219324



Senior Students

We encourage all students in Sixth Form to engage in leadership opportunities. This could be by volunteering to support younger students, or by applying to become a senior student. 

Senior Student applications take place in March of year 12. All students who apply will gain a role, but 4 students will be elected to be our most senior. These students will become ambassadors of the school. They will set exemplary standards at all times and will have a number of specific areas of responsibility, as set out below: 

  • Upholding the aims and objectives of Cedars Upper
  • Representing the school and students at events 
  • Public speaking at a variety of school events e.g. Open Evenings 
  • Promoting student voice within the school 
  • Attending Governor meetings 

The ultimate goal of these students is to work with us to make the school a consistently outstanding place to work and learn.