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Cedars Upper


The Library & Resources Centre at Cedars is at the heart of the school and we work hard to create a friendly and welcoming space for all our students and staff. The Library is for all students and staff and provides resources to support the school curriculum and reading for pleasure. We stock over 11,000 books (fiction, including manga, graphic novels and dyslexia friendly titles plus non-fiction and reference), DVDs, magazines, newspapers, journals and revision materials.

Our aim is to provide the school community with a resources and information service that supports learning and teaching and enables students to achieve their goals.

Specifically by:

  • Providing resources to support all areas of the curriculum in collaboration with subject departments
  • Providing a quiet study area, particularly for sixth form students
  • Promoting and supporting the development of information literacy and independent learning skills
  • Providing access to a wide range of printed and online information resources
  • Promoting reading for leisure and enjoyment
  • Book clubs for a variety of interests and ages - just ask!


The Library & Resources Centre Provides:

Over 11,000 books (fiction, including manga, graphic novels and dyslexia friendly titles plus non-fiction and reference)

Online resources and non-book resources such as DVDs, information files & revision guides

Subject-based journals, leisure magazines, reading lists 

Colourful monthly newsletter highlighting what’s happening in the Library, local events, national competitions and online resources

Seating for 60 students as well as a connected Study Room

Networked library catalogue accessible on all school computers

Chromebooks and PCs connected to the school network to be used for Internet access, word processing, scanning and printing

Printer, scanner and photocopier

Eye-catching themed displays, for example poetry resources for National Poetry Day, resources for Black History Month etc.

Google Classroom filled with useful tips and links

Broad Cup for Reading awarded to the most prolific borrower of fiction

Popular book sale held once a year

Library Opening Times

Monday - 08:00 – 16:30

Tuesday - 08:00 – 16:30

Wednesday - 08:00 – 16:30

Thursday - 08:00 – 16:30

Friday - 08:00 - 16.30

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed

Open before and after school and break times every day and all lunchtimes 

We are also open for some days during the school holidays, with opening days advertised in advance of the school holidays.

Library Code of Conduct

The Library is a designated working and study area, therefore students are expected to work quietly at all times.

Staff & Conduct Details

The Library is staffed by our librarian, Mrs Lisa Pryde. It is located in Block 1 of the school. You can contact the Library by calling in or emailing at lpryde@cedarsupper.co.uk

Borrowing from the Library

Most fiction and non-fiction resources can be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time and lower school students can borrow up to six items. Sixth and staff can borrow more. However, if a student is a keen reader or needs particular resources for homework, we are happy to lend more. We are currently not charging overdue fees but expect resources to be returned in a timely manner. 

There are some short term loan items which are in heavy demand and these are clearly marked. Students will be reminded when they borrow these that they will need to be returned the next day or in seven days. All students are automatically a member of the Library and no card is required. Just bring your chosen resources to the Library Desk to borrow and have them stamped out by the Library staff. On return, bring the resources back to the Library Desk. 

Access to Computers

The Library has Chromebooks and PCs for students to use that are connected to the school network and the internet for curriculum use. Students are reminded they will have signed a Computing Code of Conduction upon school entry and must use computers responsibly.  Students can use computers in the Library before school, at break time, lunchtime, after school and maybe in the Library during lesson times with a class group. 

Both black and white and colour printing facilities in A3 & A4 are available, students will have a pre-set printing allowance. Scanning and photocopying facilities are also provided.

What Goes on in the Library

The Library is a busy and well- used resource at Cedars and the Librarian works hard to make it a friendly, welcoming and calm environment for all students to read and study. There are lots of activities for students to enjoy going on at various times. We run several competitions throughout the year and run a relaxed lunchtime session once a week (Wellbeing Wednesdays) where board games, jigsaws, wordsearches and colouring sheets are provided. The Library also offers a discreet borrowing service - if a student would like to borrow a book but would prefer not to take it out at the issuing desk they can email Mrs Pryde who will leave it at Reception for them to collect. 

The Librarian is always here to help you!  

Finding Resources

Students can find resources by browsing the stock, checking the Library catalogue or asking the Librarian for help. Books, DVDs, journals and other resources can be searched for on the Library catalogue by author, title, series or keyword. The Library catalogue is available on all school computers.

Information Skills

The Library offers a framework of learning skill sessions for all years, from basic information searching in Year 9 to research skills and note-taking in the Sixth Form.  These skills are taught as an integral part of the curriculum.

All new Year 9 and Year 12 students participate in a Library induction to introduce them to the Library services and resources.  For Year 9s, this is followed by a series of lessons on evaluation of information, internet search techniques, plagiarism and an introduction to citing sources and creating a bibliography.

Year 12 students are also offered subject-specific Library inductions to introduce them to key resources in their chosen A level subjects, both printed and online. 

The Librarian also supports Year 13 students who choose to participate in the Extended Project Qualification, assisting them with retrieving information, advice on citation and by arranging visits to university libraries to source information.