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Team Leader: Mr B. Cadigan
Team Leader e-mail address: BCadigan@cedarsupper.org.uk


The History department is staffed by 3 specialist teachers and teaches the full range and ability of students from Year 9 -13. On occasion, experienced teachers with history as a second subject deliver the year 9 curriculum. The department offers the following courses:  

  • Year 9 History: The Twentieth-century World
  • GCSE History (Edexcel exam board)
  • A Level History (AQA exam board)

Each year we teach the majority of each cohort at GCSE and approximately 20-30 students choose to study history at A-level, many of whom progress onto university to study the subject. The skills and qualifications achieved whilst studying history (such as assimilating information, analysing source material and developing lines of argument and reasoning) are key to their application and success, and also assist students gaining full-time employment in a wide variety of careers and industries. Indeed, historical skills are easily transferable and employers highly value the ability to evaluate and synthesise information amongst other key skills.


We offer a range of trips and enrichment activities to support the history curriculum each year:

  • Visits to museums to support student learning across years 9-13.
  • A trip to the WW1 battlefields, supporting the new Edexcel GCSE Medicine course.
  • A-level study days including a visit to the Houses of Parliament, to support the British, Russia and Stuart (Historical Investigation) units of study.
  • In-school talks by a Holocaust Survivor working with the Holocaust Educational trust.
  • A weekly History support session every Thursday after-school.

Course details:

Recommended textbooks are as follows for the AS/A-level course:

Access to History: Britain 1951-2007 Second Edition Paperback (June 2015), Michael Lynch.

ISBN-13: 978-1471839092


AQA A-level History: Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964, (Hodder Education), Chris Corin and Terry Fiehn.

ISBN-: 978-1-4718-3780-7


Course overview:



GCSE History

New specification from September 2016 (Edexcel)

AS/A level History

New specification from September 2016 (AQA)