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Computer Science

Team Leader: Mr S Birtles
Team Leader e-mail address: sbirtles@cedarsupper.org.uk

The Computer Science department is staffed by two full-time teachers. Between us, we have considerable experience in a full range of Computer Science and IT skills; e.g., teaching a variety of programming languages, networking, AI, computer gaming, control and automation, as well as software applications such as spreadsheets and databases.



The department currently offers the following qualification courses:

  • GCSE Computer Science
  • A Level Computer Science
  • Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Information Technologies

Additionally, in Year 9 all students’ existing skills are assessed and they learn a variety of new Computer Science and IT skills in line with the Computing At Schools Progression Pathways. At Key Stage 4, students can choose to study GCSE Computer Science as an EBacc qualification depending on their ability and progress in Year 9.  Cambridge National Certificate in IT is also available as an alternative option.

 Cisco Networking Academy 

Cedars Upper School is proud to be a leading school in the United Kingdom for the growing online learning community provided by Cisco.  Under this excellent scheme our students have 24/7 access to a range of online learning courses delivered in partnership with Cisco Networking Academy, a global education program that helps students prepare for IT careers.  For example, we will offer courses in PC hardware and Software, Linux Operating Systems, and Cisco ‘Get Connected – an Introduction to Computing Basics’.

The department has its own learning platform which has been developed to give students round-the-clock access to resources. It also provides feedback, allows two-way communication between staff and students, and encourages students to work independently. As part of the A Level course, our Computer Science students can create tools that may be integrated into the learning platform. 

 Computer Club 

Throughout the year we run extra-curricular Computer Club events where students can seek help with their coursework, try new skills and develop their own ideas. We also have organised club events such as programming classes, Raspberry Pi projects, networking, Virtual Reality, robotics with Lego Mindstorms and computer gaming events.

As a team, we are enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries and skills in many Computer Science areas and we explore new developments eagerly.  In line with national policies, we are especially keen to encourage girls to study further in our subject through a range of activities.