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Cedars Upper

Behaviour and Expectations

Cedars Upper School is a place to learn. It is place where high standards and expectations are the norm. These standards and expectations are based on positive relationships between students, staff and parents. Recent reviews reflect the behaviour and expectations of the school:

"Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They work hard and treat others with respect and courtesy". OFSTED, 2017

"Relationships at the school, both between staff and students and between students, are very strong." Challenge Partners Review 2019

"Students trust staff and respond well to teachers' enthusiasm. Their behaviour and attitudes towards learning are strong." Challenge Partners Review 2019

"Gold standard safeguarding at Cedars" Safeguarding Audit July 2019

The intervention and sanction systems we employ are based on a proactive discipline model with clear consequences that are displayed, reinforced and consistently applied:




Occasionally a student may need to be escorted from a classroom or another area of the school as they have repeatedly refused to comply with staff instructions or have put themselves or others at risk. In this instance, a duty member of staff will escort them to the Hub, a safe, calm space manned by supportive and trained staff. Students will have been given every opportunity to make a positive right decision before being escorted to the Hub. 


Following this, repeated low-level disruption or a serious incident the intervention strategies and sanctions below may be employed to resolve repeated poor behaviour:


  • Logging a behaviour point
  • Restorative conversation with a classroom teacher, Team Leader or Year Team to resolve the matter and put targets in place.
  • Contact with parent/carer
  • Issuing of a detention - ranging from a Stage 1 break time to a Stage 4 90 minute after-school detention
  • Student is placed on Year or Subject report which gives them an opportunity to demonstrate positive behaviour and be praised for this.
  • Meetings with parents/carer
  • Loss of social time
  • Internal isolation
  • Internal exclusion or fixed term exclusion

These intervention strategies give students the opportunity to demonstrate positive behaviour and have this noticed and praised. Cedars Upper School believes in reinforcing positive behaviour wherever possible.