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Cedars Upper School

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Year 11 Revision

CAFFS 2018-19

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Five key things:

1:  Three websites:


2:  Calendar (REVISION SUPPORT SCHEDULE) with every day listed from next Monday 2 April through to the end of exams.  It is essential students plan for and complete some revision EVERY DAY from now on (students are at different stages and many will have been doing this for some time). 

3:  Revision checklists - it's crucial they know not just which subjects to revise, but which topics / skills they need to focus on.  They should enter these subject topics onto their revision calendar, not just the subject. The DTT template and booklet give ideas on how to revise actively and effectively.

4: Prepare to perform guide for parents:  lots of supportive ideas to keep your children healthy and ready for exams. Students have their own version of this.



Student DTT Template - Click here
Student-led DTT Template - Click here