"Good for outcomes, Good for teaching, learning and assessment, Good for personal development, behaviour and welfare, Good for 6th form, Good for leadership and management - Ofsted 2017"

Cedars Upper School

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Team Leader: Mrs D Adams
Team Leader e-mail address: dadams@cedarsupper.org.uk

The Mathematics department is staffed by 12 mathematics teachers. We all teach the full range and ability of students from Year 9 – 11 and the majority teach A level as well.Picture of students in maths lesson

The department offers the following courses:  

  • GCSE: Maths
  • GCSE: Statistics
  • FMSQ: Additional Maths
  • A Level Core Maths
  • A Level Mathematics
  • A Level Further Mathematics

    (Information on the syllabus followed or each course and text books used is at the end of this page)

Each year approximately 70-80 students choose to study Maths at A level and there are an increasing number of students taking Further Mathematics each year. Our recent team review stated that there was “Outstanding subject knowledge demonstrated by teachers across the whole team and that students demonstrate positive behaviour and are often highly engaged".

Each year, we offer a range of out of school activities to support and enrich the mathematics curriculum such as:

  • Year 9/10 Maths and adventure trip to Snowdonia looking at mathematics involved in the activiites undertaken
  • United Kingdom Maths challenges for all year groups, and team challenges too
  • Maths and Drama workshop with a visiting theatre company bringing maths to life
  • Edge Hill Mathematics problem solving competition
  • Sixth form trip to Open University Christmas Maths lecture

We often celebrate National Pi Day (March 14th) and our sixth form Maths Leaders run the entire day with a variety of activities and events for the rest of the school.

Several students each year go on to study maths (or maths related) degrees at university. We are a very strong and experienced Maths department with excellent facilities.

Recent Successes

87% A*-C GCSE Maths
72% A*-B A Level Maths
100% A*-C A Level Further Maths (10 Students)
100% pass rate in GCSE, A Level & Further Maths

The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust competitions resulted in students from Cedars gaining places in the European and International Olympiad competitions and gaining Merit certificates for their performances. In 2016, one student was invited to attend the National Mathematics Summer School held in Leeds which was a tremendous achievement.

Edge Hill University Mathematics competition for year 9 students
In 2014, Cedars year 9 students came second in the Edge Hill University Mathematics Challenge out of 7000 schools from across the UK....








And in 2015 our team of Cedars students gained First Place in the same competition.
Congratulations to them all! 


Syllabus for each course and text books used in school are currently:




Text book

GCSE Maths

OCR (J560)

GCSE Maths for Edexcel Higher Plus, Higher and Foundation Plus

GCSE Statistics

Edexcel (2ST01)

GCSE Statistics Edexcel Student Book

Additional Maths FSMQ (Free Standing Maths Qualification)

OCR (6993)

Additional Maths for OCR

A Level Core Maths

OCR Level 3 Certificate in quantitative problem solving

No specific text book

AS and A2 level Maths and Further Maths

OCR (3890), (7890), (3892), (7892)

Books specific to each module from the series Cambridge Advanced Mathematics for OCR