"Good for behaviour, Good for achievement, Good for teaching & learning, Good for leadership & management" - Ofsted, 2013

Cedars Upper School

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Head of House (HOH): Miss Helen RoweLena Logo
Head of House email address: hrowe@cedarsupper.org.uk
Direct Telephone: 01525 219345

Pastoral Support Assistant (PSA): Mrs Kay Williams
Pastoral Support Assistant email address: kwilliams@cedarsupper.org.uk
Direct Telephone:  01525 219372

Lena House is friendly and accessible and we welcome students to come and talk to us for help and support.  Parent/carers can contact us via telephone or email and we will reply promptly to messages.  Mrs Williams is available in the office from 8.30am to 4pm.

Lena House assemblies take place on Monday mornings.

Lena House Tutors

Tutor Group   Tutor Tutor Room
L1 Mr Khokhar 3.05
L2 Mrs Stephenson & Miss Levey   4.03
L3 Miss Plaster 3.22
L4 Dr Miller 3.17
L5 Ms Alloway 3.08
L6 Miss Joseph 3.18
L7 Miss Ford 3.34
L8 Mrs Braithwaite 3.09
L9 Mr Beaumont 3.14
L10 Mr Slater 3.07
L11 Mr Smith 3.16
L12 Mr Martin 3.06