"Good for behaviour, Good for achievement, Good for teaching & learning, Good for leadership & management" - Ofsted, 2013

Cedars Upper School

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Team Leader: Mrs S Pykett
Team Leader e-mail address: spykett@cedarsupper.org.uk

We are a successful department reflected in the good exam results – 82% A*-C Social History GCSE, 71% A*-C GCSE Geography, and 70% A*-C World History courses 2011. Results are above the national average in these courses.

We provide:

  • A safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • We encourage students to develop their geographical and source analysis skills which complement the theoretical content taught through direct teaching.
  • We encourage students to become independent learners through guided support in their lessons and structure within the tasks given.
  • We enrich the students’ awareness and understanding of the world: past, present and future.
  • We aim to foster an understanding and enjoyment (hopefully life-long) of geography and history.

Students are all taught Geography and History in Year 9 as separate subjects. In the Spring term they will decide which subjects they will continue to study at GCSE level. They can study both Geography and History to GCSE level if they choose. We also offer two GCSE History courses to choose from.

History and Geography are English Baccalaureate subjects

The English Baccalaureate was introduced as a performance measure in the 2010 performance tables. It is not a qualification in itself. The measure recognises where students have secured a C grade or better across a range of subjects – English, Mathematics, History or Geography, the Sciences and a language.

Ministers have confirmed that these subjects will also be used for the 2011 measure and we expect this to be the case until the first changes to the National Curriculum are introduced in 2013.

Further reading: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachingandlearning/qualifications/englishbac/a0075975/theenglishbaccalaureate

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